Canadian Albacore Tuna

Canadian Albacore Tuna

Awarded the Superior Taste Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute

由国际风味暨品质评鉴所(iTQi)授予的Superior Taste Award,是一份独具一格的、国际范围的、对于产品风味品质的认可。iTQi由120位顶级欧洲名厨、品酒师和饮料专家组成的评审团,通过盲测式的、针对产品自身优势(而非对比)的评鉴,将这一奖项颁发给品评结果达到或超过预期的终端消费型食品和饮品产品。这一严格的感官分析程序确保了评鉴的总体中立性质。 由国际风味暨品质评鉴所(iTQi)授予的Superior Taste Award,是一份独具一格的、国际范围的、对于产品风味品质的认可。iTQi由120位顶级欧洲名厨、品酒师和饮料专家组成的评审团,通过盲测式的、针对产品自身优势(而非对比)的评鉴,将这一奖项颁发给品评结果达到或超过预期的终端消费型食品和饮品产品。这一严格的感官分析程序确保了评鉴的总体中立性质。

Announcing our:

We are back! with our 4th International Recipe Competition - Hosted by the Canadian Highly Migratory Species Foundation (CHMSF), a Federally Registered Not-For-Profit Foundation supporting highly migratory species such as Canadian Albacore Tuna.

This is your opportunity to become a Celebrity Chef and, at no cost to you, to submit your ALBACORE TUNA RECIPE to our competition. Entries will be judged by Professional Chefs from the BC Chefs’ Association, and Cash Prizes will be awarded in several categories. So go ahead – dream up and submit your own “COOKING OUTSIDE THE BOX” recipe featuring Albacore Tuna and submit to our competition. The Rules are simple and itemized below. Once you have read the rules you can submit your recipe, electronically, on the form provided on our website

Announcement of International Recipe Contest

International Recipe Contest form

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Canada's Pacific Coast Fishing Fleet Proudly Present

Canadian Albacore Tuna
(Thunnus alalunga)

Finally a nutritious, safe, healthy, seafood alternative that fits modern lifestyles and addresses concerns over sustainability and environmental compatibility. 

While many people identify albacore as THE premium canned tuna, today’s savvy seafood enthusiasts are also recognizing that CANADIAN albacore tuna produces exceptional sushi and sashimi creations, barbequed and baked entrees, as well as prepared dishes.  Plus CANADIAN Albacore Tuna is available as European cold smoked, West Coast hot smoked and exciting new ready-to-eat foil packed presentations with many product varieties.

The Product

Albacore tuna is a highly migratory finfish species that roams the waters of the world. Canadian Albacore Tuna that is specifically targeted by the British Columbia Tuna Fleet are young fish that are caught in the pristine waters of the North Pacific.


Canadian Albacore Tuna- are harvested by a fleet that endorses the convention of, and the management and monitoring by, the “International Commission for the Conservation and Management of Highly Migratory Fish Stocks in the Western Central Pacific:

Canadian Albacore Tuna- are harvested by vessels licensed by the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans, under the Governance of a Canadian/US Tuna Treaty, and monitored through a federal fisheries logbook program ensuring that actual harvest levels remain well within those allowed for a sustainable fishery.

Canadian Albacore Tuna- is all Troll Caught – a harvesting method that is endorsed by the Seafood Watch program of the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

Canadian Albacore Tuna- are all caught using barbless hooks which virtually eliminated by-catch and is identified as a Dolphin Friendly Fishery.

Its beautiful dark blue back and silver-white sides and belly distinguish the CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA.  As a consumer, however, you will distinguish Canadian Albacore from other species by its unforgettable delicate flavour and famously light pink flesh that turns off-white ivory when cooked allowing it the only species to be labelled as “white meat” tuna.

For more information on the Health and Nutrition Benefits of Canadian Ablacore Tuna and/or to review a delicious selection of recipes and preparation ideas from some of British Columbia’s best- known chefs please check out other areas of our site.


CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA is proudly harvested by members of the British Columbia tuna fleet.  BC Albacore and Canadian Albacore are licensed products under the Buy BC Program.

To preserve the inherent quality of CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA, each fish is harvested individually.

Once on-board the vessel, the tuna is stunned, and placed in chilled water to promote immediate cooling.

The tuna is then frozen at sea to fully lock in quality freshness.

Once on shore, CANADIAN ALBACORE TUNA it is maintained at the coldest temperatures, to ensure freshness is available to all consumers.

Producing the highest quality product provides the best value to the purchaser and protects the sustainability of our fishery through reducing waste.

Canadian Albacore Tuna is a species, which has been shown to be an excellent food choice for those looking for a meal option that is high in protein, omega 3, and selenium, while low in overall calories and fat.

For more information on the Health and Nutrition Benefits of Canadian Ablacore Tuna and/or to review a delicious selection of recipes and preparation ideas from some of British Columbia’s best- known chefs please check out other areas of our site.